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The London nights have got a whole lot darker and colder, but don’t despair we’ve got an extra special event coming up that is guaranteed to warm your creative cockles. Global Inspiration Day is taking place on November 9th. The event offers attendees inspirational talks from an eclectic line up of speakers, along with the opportunity to network with an equally inspiring group of creative peers. Amongst the first confirmed speakers are artist Niels Shoe Meulman, hotel brand Mr & Mrs Smith, Mark Earls, also known as the Herdmeister, and the blogger for Burgerac [he has a secret identity so look out for a man with a question mark over his face].

Over the last eight years we have held events  all over the globe, from Amsterdam to Beirut and from Shanghai to Las Vegas, for an intimate selection of the industries creative influencers – but now for the first time ever, we are opening the doors to the wider creative community.


Inspirational speakers

Global Inspiration Day in London will take place in the impressive London Symphony Orchestra venue, St Lukes in Old Street in London. Artist Neils Shoe Meulman will be energising the crowd with his distinctive ‘Calligraffiti’ style of painting, shaping an interactive art piece right in front the audience.

James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy, the dynamic duo behind the iconic luxury hotel brand Mr and Mrs Smith, will be waxing lyrical about all things beautiful.

Mark Earls, also called the Herdmeister and described as ‘Malcolm Gladwell on Speed’, is know for his captivating talks take reference from a whole host of fields including primatology, anthropology, archeology, network theory, sociology, economics and cultural revolution.




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About Creative Social [for those of you who don’t know]

Creative Social is a collective of the world’s most pioneering, interactive creative directors and business owners – a group of people who recognise that collaborating in this digital landscape is how they advance the industry and enjoy the journey. The primary aim is to provide a platform for creativity and talent, albeit through events, publications and just doing interesting things. Very much how John Hegarty advises: ‘Do interesting things and interesting things happen to you’.


Just in case you still need convincing, here’s what a few people have said about our event…


“I’ve had some of the best and most meaningful conversations about our industry and where

it’s going at Creative Social events.” Lars Bastholm,Chief Creative Officer, Cheil USA


“A truly inspirational and enjoyable event. Top speakers, top hosts and great venues”

Flo Heiss, Executive Creative Director, Dare


“Creative Social is a window into the people who make the magic happen…and coincidentally, they’re all quite magical people themselves.”  Vivian Rosenthal, Founder & CEO, Goldrun


For more information contact: [email protected]


Finally a big thanks to our event partners who are helping to shape this amazing experience



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