CS London: Belle Humble

Singer/songwriter Belle Humble is a fire cracker. At our Global Inspiration Day, her energy lit up the room, reflected off the walls and couldn’t help but brighten everyone’s, already pretty sparkling, day.

It’s tough when you know in your heart exactly what you’re meant to be doing, but even your friends are starting to wonder whether your dreams are a bit naff. But Belle stuck with her gut. Kept on writing, kept on signing. Because not doing so simply wasn’t a possibility.

After years of dreaming, nannying, writing, singing and slaving away 7 days a week, Belle finally made her breakthrough when she wrote the hit single Upside Down for Paloma Faith. Yes, that one, the really catchy one. On the back of it, she got signed as a songwriter and continues to pursue her career as a performer. In your face adversity!

An event including some of the brightest heads from the digital industry would not be complete without a little technical error. When Paloma Faith refused to sing for us, the glitch was very quickly and charmingly smoothed over by an impromptu a cappella performance from Belle herself.

You could say that we were charmed off our little butts. Was it Belle’s warm and slightly husky voice resonating around the room? Was it the way she recounted how she’d heard her song on the radio for the first time and nearly started crying? Or was it her little lesson on how to move to Dubstep and get down with the kids?

Lets just say, we all came away from Belle’s presentation a little bit in love. We also learned a good deal about the important of Skrillex to the average 14-year-old, about how to write awesome songs (at least in theory), and most importantly, to keep fighting for what you want. Because it will pay off, eventually.

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