Global Inspiration Day: Gavin Lucas

The last session before lunch at Global Inspiration Day was a mouth watering one. To say Gavin Lucas knows a fair bit about burgers is an understatement of super-sized proportions. Gavin is the creator of Burgerac (@burgeracblog), the go to blog for all your burger needs both in London and New York. After watching Heston Blumenthal go in search of the perfect burger in 2007, Gavin started the blog as a way to record his burger activity. As well as reviewing all the hottest burger joints with the essential criteria (how does it look? can you pick it up and eat it? does it taste good?), you can also check out some of the other burger related projects that Gavin has become involved in. One of these is the Burgermat Show; a collection of 24 artworks celebrating the burger and designed to ‘bring art into the burger experience’. Also well worth a look is Burgerac’s sister blog:, who are on the hunt for nations most delicious rural burger experiences.

We’re in the midst of a food revolution and Gavin thinks that’s good news for burger fans. The rise of the pop-up restaurant and the increase in American dining done well means there is now a huge selection of quality burger spots in the city.

So which is the best one? ‘Burgers are a deeply personal experience, it’s really down to your personal tastes’ Gavin tells us. We’d say that’s a pretty good excuse to go and try a few of them out.

After a talk like that you could imagine what everyone in the room was craving. Luckily the guys from Mother Flipper  (@MotherFlipperuk) were cooking up a batch of their finest burgers downstairs. They were amazing, if you ever get the chance to put one in your eating hole, do it.



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