The Book Part 2 – Topics


Flo, Laura and myself have been making some progress on the book. It is currently shaping up as past, present and future. Topics under these categories looking as follows:

Best digital advertising ever

10 Reasons why digital is better than advertising
What is viral?
Sound in digital advertising
Web 2.0
Women in Advertising
Importance of Interactivity online

Agency of the future
Being Good
Role of design
Going from producing messages to producing tools/services

Have we missed anything? What would you like to see in the Creative Social book. Contributions appreciated


  1. James says:

    I’m still very keen that this is a book that will be of REAL use to clients. That was after all where the idea came from – a interesting way to educate clients and get them to do a little more ineteresting work.

    I don’t mind writing a very blunt chapter on this area. Sort of ‘You don’t have to be a geek and it’s not too late to succeed in Digital Advertising’. These are the two fears that prevent most clients (and other people) getting more involved and being more ambitious.

    Personally I think some of the other areas are a bit narrow – but without seeing them fleshed out it’s very hard to give proper feedback.

    Brilliant that it’s getting off the ground – well done.
    See you in the sunnes.


  2. Sam says:

    Hi, I think we can/should also have a chapter, or mention somewhere that for the first time advertising is not just telling a story to someone, but we can also actually help people to succeed in their lives. Think about Nike + for instance, or F&B Apotheket website and a ton of other beautiful examples. On a personal level I think that is the best advertising there is: if you can build a brand and at the same time make it über relevant for people. I’ d be happy to dive into this one.

  3. bedwood says:

    agree with a lot of what james is saying.

    we’d love to get involved, but for us a topic we feel strongly about is the art of persuasion and getting into peoples heads, things that have been the same since the dawn of time even in this fast paced technological landscape (cant believe i just wrote that, but cant be bothered to rewrite it even though it would of taken less time than this unfunny aside).

    i feel that its a good antidote to alot of the technological stuff that clients get bombarded with and flummoxed about.

    the only other comment, is i don’t like the title ‘ why digital is better than advertising’.

    firstly, i think we should give up this argument its old as the digital hills and sounds like we are desperate to be taken seriously, It doesn’t sound like a industry that is confident of its position. Also if it was true we wouldn’t be writing an article of this nature.

    secondly if we do do it, we should compare like for like, digital in this title can be taken (as i have seen it in other presentations) as the whole plethora of media channels it has, like youtube and facebook etc etc, obviously they are better than advertising just as the tv programmes are better than the tv ads, so it should be ‘why digital advertising is better than traditional advertising’ for it to be a true argument.

    anyway, my two peneths worth, probably more bollocks than usual as i am stuck indoors on a friday night.

    see you in cannes


  4. alelariu says:

    Yeah, really cool that it’s all happening.

    I tried to think about what clients/students/people in advertising would like in a book. Here are my thoughts:

    >> Past – cool

    >> Present
    >’10 Reasons why digital is better than advertising’ – Agree with Dave: it’s a tired topic. If people from traditional agencies are kicking up a fuss just let them. I’m not worried. Perhaps change this to: ‘Why digital and what’s in it for me?’
    >Communities and how to succeed on them
    >Asia – why not make this broader. Something like ‘other markets to invest in’ so we can talk about Latin America too? How digital works in other markets.
    >What is viral?
    >Sound in digital advertising – potentially too narrow?
    >Web 2.0
    >Women in Advertising – need to talk to Laura about this but not sure if it can sustain a whole chapter. Perhaps if it’s part of the Education bit. As in ‘we need to get more women into digital’.
    >Importance of Interactivity online

    >> Future
    Going from producing messages to producing tools/services – specially like this topic : )

    More topics:
    > The digital blackbook: a little guide to outsourcing work
    > Integrated work : how digital should play up
    > Something about Gaming??
    > How digital is (and will) affect brands

    Sorry for any weird English…. Me tourist.

  5. aaron.g says:

    the list is good, if not a little long. brevity always wins. but i agree with bedwood about the “anti-advertising” title. it’s not necessary. the tide is turned. the wave is formed for digital. all we have to do is ride it. advertising is in there somewhere, in the larger sea of communication. digital is just the media. digital is how we now communicate. i’m an ad guy. i always have been. maybe i’m a new age ad guy, but i have a hard time thinking of myself as a digital guy. my job is to communicate compelling news to interested parties about whatever corporation i’m pimping at the moment. digital is the holy chalice, for sure. but it still carries in it the big ideas that were borne of advertising.

    let’s move beyond the them/us mentality and just lead the way. to that end, the book can feel much more educational and be incredibly inspiring for students as well as old farts like us. i feel like we’re selling some of the topics short. too narrow. like “importance of interactivity online” – how about just the imperative that all communications be interactive. or better yet, active. beyond just allowing for feedback, our communication should be actively integrated into customers’ lives.

    there are a lot of good topics here but they’re skimming the surface. i realize it’s just a list and you know all this. but it does make me feel better to put it on paper (digital paper, that is).

    good luck.

  6. MattP says:

    Can I volunteer to write a chapter to live in the past section, which currently looks undefined to me. Its called ‘When the 12k gif banner was king’.

    The idea would be to explore the way that the constraints of gif animation and filesize limits constraints forced many of us to be extraordinarily creative in the early days. I dont think anyones documented it yet, or recognised the legacy.