A fortnight of inspiration packed events

There’s an exciting couple of weeks on the horizon with some fantastic speakers landing in London. We’ve picked four of the most inspiration filled events happening around the city over the next fortnight. We’d like to know which ones tickle your fancy and why, so drop us a comment bellow.

PSFK Conference, 13th Sept.

Each year PSFK brings its celebration of creativity and talent to London in the form of a day-long conference. Speakers come from well-known companies like Jaguar, emerging mega-brands like Rapha and the start-up community. Topics covered include brand storytelling in the social age, design at the intersection of technology, learning and the virtual classroom, and sustainability in the era of big data.


Contagious Now / Next / Why, 25th Sept.

The next installment of the Now / Next / Why sessions. This time round they’ll be exploring subjects including Amplified Live, The New Loyalty, Sponsorship Activation, ReCoding Luxury, Social Significance and Brand Play.


Collision Dinner, 25th Sept.

Collision is a series of provocative, inclusive debates to explore the similarities, dissonances and opportunities between Adland and Techville.


When Digital Meets Real, 26th Sept.

An exciting group of speakers from the media world and beyond will tackle the creative opportunities offered by the co-existence of the virtual and real world and will show us new and exciting ways of creatively connecting the two.

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