After 7 long years of fierce underground art battles deployed around the globe – Secret Walls emerges from the shadows with one almighty call to battle.

The gloves are off, the threat is real and the challenge is on, for the design heavyweights of the world to assemble an army, gather their pens, and come together to unleash their skills, as we go in search of the supreme champions of competitive live art.

Would you like to see your musings on the industry immortalized by power artists Jeremyville and Tara McPherson in a fearsome Monorex Secret Walls art battle?

CS members Tim Nolan, BBH, Jenn Lu, Droga 5, and Louisa St.Pierre, B&A, are launching a new illustrated book: The ABC of the Contemporary Creative.

Open Publication – Free Publishing – More abcs

We invite you to contribute your notions on that theme, your A your B or your C ( and the rest ) and the best ones will be illustrated at the big event… the big live art battle in New York at The Ace Hotel, on June 6, by the afore mentioned artists.
Industry icons Ron English, Craig Ward, Steve Bliss and Tristan Eaton will judge, to determine the winner, along with the roar of the crowd.
If you would like to get involved, please email Aaron Barr from bernstein & andriulli at: [email protected]