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Pineapples and cats

Thea Hamren of Mr President is fairly convinced most reasons to be cheerful are related to cats on the internet, and who am I to disagree? Of course, pineapples are also very cheerful. This may sound terribly frivolous, but the point she makes is very valid to us creatives: cats and pineapples help us to tackle our inner cynics. We’ve all got them, and sometimes it seems that the smarter we get along the way, the more we let the cynic win. But as Thea said so aptly, nobody tells you how hard it is to remain on top of your creative energy when you get started in this industry, and the one of the world’s niftiest assassins of creativity is surely cynicism. Cats! Quick, give us cats!


Pip Jamieson

Pip Jamieson, unstoppable entrepreneur and lover of creative people extraordinaire, is a force of cheerfulness in herself. No matter that she had to live on tins of tuna for a few months to get her start-up The Dots off the ground – the creative industries are forecasted to grow 17% in the next 6 years and Pip is determined to make sure the best talent is easily found and connected by joining the Dots. In Pip’s words: “Life is short and it’s meant to be awesome, so make yourself cheerful by getting that dream job”.

If you’re not nested in the digital web the terrifically talented yet, here’s where you join The Dots.


Hoarding habits or a habit for hoarding

Now, I’ve never been an avid collector myself, but it’s something I’m going to work on after hearing Joakim Borgstrom of BBH talk about his serious hoarding habits. What started off as collection of coke cans from all over the globe has turned into an ethereal obsession. From a collection of several years worth of cookies (the browser history kind, what good are stale biscuits?) which served as an inspiration library of many gigabytes to iPhones, emails, computers, and the list goes on. Why? Simple, says Joakim: the more input, the better the output. Collecting equals creative inspiration equals a great reason to be cheerful.

*(Insurmountable amounts of thanks to Elly Foster for her contribution here.)



When Rob Moseley started Nonsense in 2007, there wasn’t enough nonsense in advertising. They were mighty serious times. Now, despite financial crises and what not, advertising has re-learned to be distinctively silly. Not always in a good way of course, but generally we can be pretty cheerful about brands not taking themselves too seriously all the time.

See: Loctite SuperGlue ad



In Thea’s quest to tackle her inner cynic and reinforce her creativity, she wisely looked to a genius. Albert said doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Now, the great man with the hairdo may have been accused of insanity himself at times, but he’s making an awful lot of sense here. Creatives who stick to their patterns are bound to keep colouring inside the lines. Yawn. Thanks Einstein, we’ll keep this in mind.



When your washing machine decides to cook your chicken

OK, that’s not cheerful. That’s like the Apocalypse of the Modcons. Eeeek. But , Digitas LBi’s Simon Gill says maker culture, as it grows out of its nappies and gets over producing novelty frippery, has great cause to make us cheerful. I think he means it, because he’s wearing a Get excited and Make Things T-shirt. Simon says (sorry) that maker culture, where 3D printing and more advanced robotics will introduce us to a world of Smart Everything will lead to marketing with more purpose. Now, I’m not convinced by artwork made from Outlook emails or vases out of digital glitches, but I have a lot of awe for human creativity and imagination. So, all you makers: bring it on.


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