CS Sessions – Dr. Bertolt Meyer


This lovely gentleman spends his day thinking about a really quite fascinating subject matter: Bionics. Bionics means applying biological systems and insights from nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology (thank you Wikipedia). So basically: making pieces of technology that behave like biological organisms. Pretty funky huh? (Secure your seat here.)

Dr. Bertolt Meyer is a senior researcher at the Department of Social and Business Psychology at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) where he investigates the effects of diversity and stereotypes. Born without a left arm, he wears an advanced i-Limb hand prosthesis, which was also developed in Bionics! He presents the Channel4 documentary “How to Build a Bionic Man” that explores the current and future state of art in bionic technology, and the corresponding ethical and societal implications.

At CS Sessions, the Doctor will be telling us all about how he came to present “How to build a bionic man”, and share what he personally took away from it. Some of this didn’t make the final film, so we’re getting a really intimate behind the scenes peek here. It includes a creepy interview with the CEO of a world-leading prosthetic company and a visit to Google’s Singularity summer camp. Nice.

He’ll also discuss with us the two central ethical and societal issues of advanced bionic/medical technology. Which is 1, their pricing and availability to the general public, and 2, the issue of artificial limbs/organs outperforming natural ones in the future.

Based on current psychological models of stereotyping and diversity, he’ll explain how technology can change perceptions of disability, and how this development will affect our society in the years to come.

This is looking to be a supre exciting talk, very different from what we usually think about in our little creative industry… so don’t miss out! (Like, seriously, don’t.)

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