CS Sessions – Fredrik Forrest


The last, but by no means least of our luscious line-up of speakers, has worked in a HUGE range of disciplines in the creative industries. He’s since established himself as a bit of an expert with Kinect, the technology that still, after a few years, seems too cool to be true.

Fredrik Forrest is the Creative Director at innovation agency Obscura Digital Europe. Before his position there, he worked as a commercial film director, animator, designer and creative technologist at Wreck/Major Briggs, Society 46 and Acne Production. His projects range from music videos and TVC’s, over digital campaigns, to installations for a range of global clients.

Fredrik’s work is driven by an interest in new technologies, and while he is used to leading large creative teams, it is his hands-on approach that allows him to push the envelope.

At CS Sessions, he’ll be teach us all about Interaction with Kinect and what is so new and different about the technology. He’ll give us some insight into what he’s been trying to do with it creatively and why he’s so fascinated with using it. What cool stuff he and others came up with when the technology was still completely new and unchartered, and what actually worked. We’ll be able to witness a range of examples of stuff that worked, and stuff that didn’t.

Fasten your seat belts; this will be your Kinect Crash Course. Secure your ticket here.