CS Sessions – Grant McCraken


With enough geniuses to make our heads fuzzy, CS Sessions is promising to be another cracker of an event.


The second in our line-up of speakers, Grant McCraken, earned his PhD in anthropology at University of Chicago. He’s the founding director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture, has taught at Cambridge University, McGill University and Harvard Business School, and is currently work for MIT (that’s the Massachusetts Institute of Technology btw).

He has consulted for some of the biggest companies in the world including Coke, L’Oreal and IBM, and written a whopping nine academic books. His work has been covered by numerous Powers That Be, such as Oprah, the New York Times, the LA Times, Newsweek and Business Week.

At CS Sessions, Grant will be looking at probes that define our culture. Is there any culturally more significant probe than the 30 sec spot? Using Putting Humptey Dumptey Back Together Again, he’ll prove that there’s no substitute probe that better defines our advertising landscape than that of “old media”. However much we like and use the “new media” instruments (such as murmur marketing, crowdsourcing, viral campaigns, etc.), the essential work done for brand building in traditional ways will characterise our cultural landscape for some time to come.

This insightful chap is coming all the way from Rowayton, Conneticut and is a fountain of knowledge on how people tick. We can’t wait to pick Grant’s brain and nab a little of his wisdom, but meanwhile: why not have a little nosy around his awesome blog? He’s recently looked into why ‘sweetness’ a la Zooey Deschanel is so up people’s street, and covers a whole host of other fascinating cultural phenomena. We like!

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