CS Sessions – Kate Stone


Our first speaker, the lovely Kate Stone, is an officially certified genius with a degree in electronics from Salford, and a PhD in Physics and Micro-electronics from Cambridge.

After being part of a Cambridge start-up dealing with printing transistors (how you can print a new kind of electronics), she started her own business Novalia, which develops innovative technologies to make print interactive. Initially, she says, she knew nothing about printing.
“I was fascinated by it as a manufacturing process, and using my education I figured out how to use it to do things I was told shouldn’t be done! I bought a Gallus EM280 Flexo Label press [an industrial scope machine that prints adhesive labels] with a LOT of credit cards.”

Novalia uses traditional print processes to deposit conductive inks alongside the graphic inks and compliment this by embedding a silicon chip in/on the print. The result is something of a combination between science and art. Imagine a High School Musical poster where one of the characters sings part of a song and you can sing part of it back. An entirely new way of keeping kids entertained, and the possibilities are endless.

It’s all about trying to be creative and innovative about how we can use the technologies available now, rather than focusing on developing wonders of the distant future.

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