CS Sessions – Mark Cridge


A belly-vibrating Whoop Whoop for  our next speaker in our CS Sessions line-up awesomeness: the eponymous Mark Cridge of former-glue Isobar-fame! He’s since moved on to be Director of Consulting at BERG, where he’s gone back to the roots of actually MAKING shit. Physical, badass cool shit like the Little Printer.

He has worked in digital since 1995 when he left the world of architecture realising that it just wasn’t his cup of tea. After stints as an art director at agencies in Birmingham and London, he founded his own agency glue London in 1999: the UK’s original digital advertising agency.

In 2010, he became Global Managing Director of Aegis Media’s global creative network Isobar, comprising 3,000 people in 34 markets, working with an enviable client list including adidas, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, P&G, The Guardian and Google.

After a step away from the world of advertising and an extended sabbatical [that  basically means a reaaally long holiday. Not that we’re jealous or anything], Mark joined BERG to help grow and develop their consultancy.

He’s a regular speaker at industry events, sits on numerous awards juries, was cited by Campaign Magazine as a ‘Face to Watch’ way back in 2000, and was featured in the FT Creative Business 50. He became an IPA Fellow in 2010 and was hilariously [his words, not ours] recently entered into the BIMA Digital Hall of Fame.

Most importantly, we’ve chosen him to say some wise words at CS Sessions (the greatest honour of all) where he’ll be talking about The Public Life of Machines. Let’s assume that at some point in the coming years, all things will be connected to the internet and each other. Is that a nightmare or a dream come true? What will this feel like to be part of, on first name terms with the machines?
What we do know is that developing appropriate etiquette and forms of appropriate behaviour is going to be essential if we’re not to be drowned out be a cacophony of chattering consumer goods.

Mark’ll give some insights into how BERG are approaching these challenges and will share their thoughts on were they’d like to see things go in the next couple of years.
Wanna be there to meet this fella in the flesh? Grab your seat here.

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