November's Creative Showcase Winners

Creative Showcase have released their November winner’s and here is my take on them…

First place was awarded to the Trivial Pursuit Experiment by Tribal DDB.
The website is part of a wider campaign that includes viral, online display, social media and PR co-developed with US based agency Uproar. While I immediately thought of Nike Running’s Men v Women challenge – one could very easily argue that the battle of the sexes is an age old one…and certainly not innovated by Nike.

Before I get fully into this review, I’m going refer to the ongoing premise of the death of the website. So if we’re rating these sites…then better to rate them on their ability to infiltrate and add value to the social sphere.

From that perspective the Trivial Pursuit Experiment does a great job in principal but falls down in the actual execution. When you win you see a funny YouTube clip featuring the opposite sex being an idiot which you can then share, loosing and you get a clip of your own gender looking stupid. Thus the share strategy piggy backs on the content the people naturally share on facebook. However, contrary to expectations you don’t end up sharing a Trivial Pursuit branded YouTube clip on your wall – rather you share a blurb about the website, your friends are given no hint of the YouTube funny but if they click on your posted link they are brought to the website and shown the YouTube clip as an intro. This is where the site falls down in my opinion as it starts to look like spam rather than sharing banter – which is how they position the sharing function.

Picture 8

First runner up was given to The Art of Green & Black’s by Agency Republic. Green and Blacks wanted to highlight their range of flavours and asked pop artist Peter Blake to create an installation using their coloured slabs of chocolate as a palette. The website encourages you to create your own piece in order to win Peter Blake’s and I must admit – I got pretty sucked into the experience (as my masterpiece below demonstrates) – you can vote for my artwork here – and I did genuinely want to share on my facebook. The idea is simple, relevant and a lot stickier an experience than you might first imagine. And if you’re going to spend all that time creating a piece, you’re going to show your mates…or else why would you bother. However the site crucially falls down in trying to capture too much data and people have to fill in a form to vote for a piece. I imagine that is definitely a hurdle too far for most. It would have been better to integrate the site with facebook connect.

Picture 9

Finally, second runner up was Doritos Dodgeball Challenge by AMV.BBDO Unfortunately this site was temporary and the initiative has now finished but I can say that it achieved an impressive sales uplift of 28%. For me this site had the strongest concept as it has genuine talkability. It’s something that hasn’t been done before and is a nice example of a brand leveraging it’s assets to create compelling content – they effectively create a reality show, complete with a cast of typical reality TV celebs and you get to shoot dodgeballs at them live from your laptop. It’s difficult to review a site that’s not live but from a concept standpoint I though this was a great initiative.

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  1. Paul says:

    28% uplift. You are joking right?
    I’d be amazed if you could even track the sales effect. If it’s anywhere near 28% it must be just about the most successful online campaign ever. What did it cost? 100k?