From Facebook favourites to smart and savvy Twitter users, some of the world’s smallest businesses are becoming its biggest social media stars. We’ve found six small to medium-sized businesses that have ‘killed it’ on social media using basic marketing savvy and some good old fashioned.

Steakhouses, shoe shops, and online marketing firms – read on to discover six small businesses selected by Custard Online Marketing for their social media marketing skills.

1. Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor Small Businesses That Are Killing It On Social Media

Stylish London steakhouse. Delicious comfort food. Killer cocktails. Hawksmoor has a lot to talk about, but it instead focuses on simple, appetising pictures of what every restaurant does best: food.

With over 20,000 Facebook likes, this London business certainly knows how to get the social media results it wants. Check out its latest mouth-watering pic for a quick reminder of why captions aren’t always necessary.

2. OptimalRun

Spending $200 on running shoes is a big investment, which is why so many people are hesitant to shop for shoes online. OptimalRun offers a personalised service for shoe shoppers that creates custom videos explaining which shoe is best.

Simple and effective, it’s the ultimate reminder that social media is here to solve the questions that consumers could never ask in the early days of the Internet.

3. KissMetrics

KissMetrics Small Businesses That Are Killing It On Social Media

Neil Patel’s KissMetrics is an online marketing start-up that’s built its brand on great content and smart social activity. Instead of churning out blog posts and promotions like other marketing firms, it releases an in-depth, ultra-useful article every once in a while to massive social activity.

4. Morton’s Steakhouse

Morton’s Steakhouse small business

Ever felt hungry after a long flight? Angel investor Peter Shankman jokingly tweeted Morton’s Steakhouse – a US-based restaurant chain – during a flight, wishing that he could be greeted by a juicy porterhouse as he pulled into Newark Airport.

Never one to miss an opportunity, the company obliged, tracking down his flight number and meeting him at the airport with a steak and salad boxed up, ready to eat. The incident went viral on Twitter, giving the company incredible exposure.

5. Victory Auto Service and Glass

Victory Auto Service and Glass

Friendly social media behaviour and helpful videos have made Victory Auto Service and Glass a social media rock star. In three years, the small auto shop has racked up over 1,100 Facebook fans and become a favourite of its community.

6. Cupcake Royale

Cupcake Royale Small Business

Ask and you shall receive. Cupcake Royale, a Seattle-based bakery, uses its Facebook page to ask customers what they’d like to eat. The best suggestions are adapted into real products – a wonderful example of using social media for market research.