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Absolut x Creative Social = The Connected Bottles Challenge

The Internet of Things has been at the top of the Hype curve since last year. It is a game changer and has the potential to affect so many parts […]

#CSinterviews Vincent Meunier, Director of Digital and Marketing Analytics, The Absolut Company

How would you describe our job to an alien? My job is to drive the digital acceleration of The Absolut Company (TAC). I make sure that the organization articulates how […]

#CSInterviews Georgia Barretta

In the second of this week’s series of interviews I caught up with Georgia Barrett, UK Design Director of Geometry Global. While not a Social just yet, she is a […]

#InsideViews Absolut

Being an innovator is part of the culture at Absolut, the office was designed to reflect the co-workers from all over the world who make up the innovative creative motor that […]


Last week ABSOLUT VODKA debuted “Anthem”, a new visionary creative collaboration that artfully embraces the brands legend as a pioneering and culture-shaping brand. Created by six real life artistic installations, […]

Drinkspiration by Absolut

iPhone Apps seem to be big across the Socials at the moment – here is the latest one produced by Great Works for Absolut (ready for the Swedes summer off […]