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The Future of Sex

What I can say is, it’s not been easy writing about the future of sex. I’ve had to avoid numerous bad puns (which I’m happy to recount over a pint […]

10 socials share their favourite digital campaigns of the last decade #WeAre10

Subservient Chicken “Yes it was capricious nonsense. Yes it was transient and of the moment. But it was magical, then and brilliantly done.” George Prest, ECD, R/GA London   Cock-a-doodle […]

Innovation Stories 2014 – Glyn Britton

Innovation Stories 2014 Thursday 26th June 09.00 to 13.00 DigitasLBi, E1 6RU The last Innovation Stories speaker we’d like to introduce you to is Glyn Britton. He’s racked up over […]

Innovation Stories 2014 – Debbi Evans

Innovation Stories 2014 Thursday 26th June 09.00 to 13.00 DigitasLBi, E1 6RU Next up on the Innovation Stories stage is Debbi Evans, who launched Libertine magazine – “for widely interested […]

4 Essential Apps for Collaborating Entrepreneurs

Collaboration through digital technology is the swiftest route to business success. According to a report generated by the Cisco Collaboration group, our culture’s constant mobile connectivity translates into $1.3 trillion […]

Jekyll, Hyde & Digitality

“Nothing will ever be the same again”, “There is a before and after the Internet”, “There is no possible way to disconnect”, “It’s quite different to what it was like […]

CS Sessions – Mark Cridge

A belly-vibrating Whoop Whoop for  our next speaker in our CS Sessions line-up awesomeness: the eponymous Mark Cridge of former-glue Isobar-fame! He’s since moved on to be Director of Consulting […]

Five Digital Trends from Cannes and how to win next year.

Now that the dust has settled from Cannes. We thought it would be a good idea to look at whether there were any trends from the award winning work. And also […]

CS Interview: Tim Palmer

CS went to have a chat with Tim Palmer, Digital Creative Director at Inferno, Phygital hater and hand drawn penis fan…   How did you get where you are today? […]

Learn the secrets of making great digital creative.

One of the things about Creative Social that has always made it so special is that the participants in every event always give away their secrets. Whether that be a […]