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CS Los Angeles, wrap up film #CSLA

Back in November 2015 we brought together 40 creative leaders from around the globe for CS Los Angeles. Over two days, they introduced themselves through thier own work, heard from some […]

Four post-production lessons we can learn from Interstellar

What can the world of creativity learn from the post-production lessons lurking in this action-packed story of the end of the world? Once there was a new world, beyond the […]

#CSinterviews Tom Wilson

How would you describe your job to an alien? I take stories and try to tell them using a) words and b) a system of chronophotographic guns and zoopraxiscopial projections. […]

#CSinterviews Clubhouse

How did it all start, and how did you get to where you are today? We started working together straight out of college. We moved to the Dominican Republic for […]

Best Film of the Last Decade

Over the last 10 years we have had the privilege of having some brilliant filmmakers speak to us as Creative Social – from Brad Bird at Pixar, to Lord Puttnam […]

UNIT9 x The Filmakademie = FIVE MINUTES

Our friends at UNIT9 have been at it again, and by ‘it’ we mean creating mind blowing storytelling experiences that push the boundaries of interactive film. This time they’ve teamed […]

#CSinterviews Adina Popescu

How would you describe your job to an alien? I make films about them. Or about the alien within all of us, who knows.   How did it all start, […]

Is Cinema really dying?

For several years now, commentators have been pointing to an apparent downfall of Hollywood, as cinema ticket sales fall and increasing numbers of people choose TV or on demand options […]

#CSinterviews Dan O’Rourke (founder) & Tino Sladavic (Partner and Executive Producer), Not To Scale

CS caught up with Dan O’Rourke founder of Not To Scale, and Santino (Tino) Sladavic, Partner and Executive Producer of Not To Scale New York.   How would you describe your job to […]

#CSinterviews Dan Shapiro and Alex Topaller, founders of Aggressive, NYC

How did it all start, and how have you got to where you are today? Dan and I met when I moved to New Jersey from Israel, we became friends […]