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Can Gaming Get More Social?

Much has been made in the last few years about the increasingly social nature of the video game industry, and we see it in varying ways: players interact online in […]

Social Gaming Is Here to Stay

Gaming has always been social, even long before the web stretched across the globe. Multiplayer tabletop games are as nearly as old as civilization itself, and it’s only natural! Given […]

10 Computer Games With Next Level Storytelling

Earlier this year I had the privilege to present our episodic game RÉPUBLIQUE at Creative Social. I spent most of my presentation talking about why narrative in games is my […]

How Social is Social Gaming?

The popularity of social media is growing at a rapid pace, and it has changed the way people interact, share information and get entertainment on the Internet. Many businesses are […]

Don’t Believe That Gaming is Taking Over? Check the Numbers…

Video and computer games are a giant entertainment medium that surpass even movies and television. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) estimated 67 percent of households in the U.S. play video […]

Nevermind, a biofeedback horror adventure video game

Nevermind is a biofeedback horror adventure video gaming experience, that explores the untapped psyche of trauma victims. The game is built to be receptive to the player’s emotions, as the user […]

Gamification: Should You Go It Alone or Leverage Existing Platforms?

    The splintering of video game platforms and play styles makes it difficult for a company to know when and how they should build an e-game to help promote […]

Stealing fuel from the tank

There’s a lot of buzz about the recent phenomenon of the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, a game that has raised more than 1 Billion bucks in its first 72 […]

CS Sessions write-up: Gregg Mayles

Gregg Mayles   Gregg Mayles, the man who plays (and makes) video games for a living. But the game playing isn’t restricted to the screen only. Oh no. “I try […]

What I took out of CS Fanboy: Mania of the Geek

Last Wednesday was a big night for Creative Social as it saw the the launch of the CS Fanboy series. The event titled ‘Mania of the Geek’ was a celebration […]