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Global Inspiration Day: Niels Shoe Meulman

It was finally time to find out what the giant canvas that had been looming side of stage was there for. Niels Shoe Meulman is pioneer of the street art movement. In […]

Global Inspiration Day: Gavin Lucas

The last session before lunch at Global Inspiration Day was a mouth watering one. To say Gavin Lucas knows a fair bit about burgers is an understatement of super-sized proportions. […]

Global Inspiration Day: The Herdmeister

We’re all herd animals. In our current age, where the individual is king and people are prized for being different and making independent choices, we like to forget this. But […]

CS London: Brian Griffin

He took pictures of sliced bread on friends’ backs, talked hats with Margaret Thatcher and made posters with graphics legend Barney Bubble. Photographer Brian Griffin’s career has been nothing short of […]

Global Inspiration Day

The London nights have got a whole lot darker and colder, but don’t despair we’ve got an extra special event coming up that is guaranteed to warm your creative cockles. Global Inspiration Day […]