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How is the internet broadening our social horizons?

In September 2014 the world welcomed its 1 billionth website, 23 years after it was born. That number continues to rocket and it’s difficult to imagine the pace slowing in […]

How To Appear To Know What You’re Doing While Smiling

About the same time Creative Social was born, I set up a blog. At the time I’d just joined POKE and they did a lot of very clever work with […]

10 Amsterdam Spots to Inspire Your Creativity

Amsterdam has become more and more of a creative hotspot over the past decade or so. Creative industries thrive on the innovative and inspiring buzz that seems to manifest throughout […]

Music to get the creative juices flowing

Across the last ten years of Creative Social, music has always come up as one of those lost arts in advertising. It sometime feels like music is the forgotten soul, […]

DIY New Business Launch: The Best Tools & Resources to Get Started

Just looking at the to-do list for launching a new business is exhausting. You have to determine a business structure and register, come up with a company name, logo and […]

Grandparents’ generation is finally using smart devices

The time has come for the young and tech-savvy to look up from those glowing rectangular screens, get up from priority seating and make room for the senior citizens who […]

Turning Your Small Business Into A Big Brand

The transition from a small business that serves customers of a certain niche into a big brand that can draw customers from all walks of life, has the potential to […]

The Living Network

I started Hub Strategy & Communications in 2002, following a seven-year run owning and managing a more traditional ad agency. Part of that time, I also worked as an adjunct […]

How Social is Social Gaming?

The popularity of social media is growing at a rapid pace, and it has changed the way people interact, share information and get entertainment on the Internet. Many businesses are […]

Innovation Stories 2014 – Jon Burkhart

Innovation Stories 2014 Thursday 26th June 09.00 to 13.00 DigitasLBi, E1 6RU This year’s Innovation Stories is set to even better than the first. If you weren’t there last year, […]