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Mobile Gaming & Social Media in 2015

Optimism is where it’s at in the mobile gaming sphere, which is set to overtake the console industry in the worldwide market. Exciting? Yes, but not a true slam dunk […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Success Thanks to Mobile Devices and Social Media

It’s no secret that the weekend following Thanksgiving is one of – nay, the – biggest shopping weekends of the year. Millions of Americans visit brick-and-mortar and online stores alike […]

Mobile app strategies for success

There is simply no question that mobile apps have changed the face of commerce irreversibly over the past couple of years, with a huge rise in mobile app development companies […]

Advancements of Home Automation and What This Means for Advertisers

You may not experience it in your own life – yet – but home automation is on the rise. Washing machines, ovens, thermostats (read: Nest) and even refrigerators are becoming […]

Power Sleep app contributes to much more than a good night’s sleep

Today, smart phones have evolved to a point where the average computing power is equivalent to that of six PCs produced from the 90s. As a result, new technology methods […]

Are Phablets Just a Fad?

Phablets, those phone/tablet combinations with a 5 to 7 inch screen don’t get a lot of press. But they continue to increase in sales, especially in the Asia/Pacific marketplace, reports […]

Mobile Is The New Ginn

Mobile is the new gin. Mobile today is like gin in the 1800s; it satisfies the human need for occasional escapism when life gets a little bit rubbish, much like […]

4 Essential Apps for Collaborating Entrepreneurs

Collaboration through digital technology is the swiftest route to business success. According to a report generated by the Cisco Collaboration group, our culture’s constant mobile connectivity translates into $1.3 trillion […]

Political endorsement made easy

Endorsement. It’s a big bulky word. It’s really just telling the world which gang you’re in, which team you’re backing. In politics, it’s kind of the bread and butter of […]

Mobile App GoldRun Presents A Revolutionary Approach To Political Engagement With "Obama: #VisualizeTheVote”

Social and technology mediated political movements have demonstrated the power of the digital to govern the discourse in America. “Obama: #VisualizeTheVote is an innovative way to use smartphones and social […]