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Can Gaming Get More Social?

Much has been made in the last few years about the increasingly social nature of the video game industry, and we see it in varying ways: players interact online in […]

Stories Make For Great Ads, Case Studies Don’t

The advertising year runs from June until May, because of the Cannes Festival of Creativity. Much has been written of late about whether the work at Cannes is representative of […]

Lines in the Sand: The “Integrated” Dilemma

Due to emerging digital innovations and the shift in consumers’ behaviours towards new technologies, brands are increasingly trying to find a better balance between traditional and digital marketing strategies. This […]

Mobile Is The New Ginn

Mobile is the new gin. Mobile today is like gin in the 1800s; it satisfies the human need for occasional escapism when life gets a little bit rubbish, much like […]

Jekyll, Hyde & Digitality

“Nothing will ever be the same again”, “There is a before and after the Internet”, “There is no possible way to disconnect”, “It’s quite different to what it was like […]

A matter of prepositions

“Words may show a man’s wit but actions his meaning.” said Benjamin Franklin at some point. Now, we’ll be able to reflect a bit about words and their close relationship […]

#CSpresents – The one thing I would change in advertising… 3rd Sept, 7pm

[zilla_button url=”” style=”orange” size=”small” type=”square” target=”_self”] TICKETS [/zilla_button] Have you ever thought about making things better and cutting out the crap? If you had a magic wand, what would you […]