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Can Gaming Get More Social?

Much has been made in the last few years about the increasingly social nature of the video game industry, and we see it in varying ways: players interact online in […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Success Thanks to Mobile Devices and Social Media

It’s no secret that the weekend following Thanksgiving is one of – nay, the – biggest shopping weekends of the year. Millions of Americans visit brick-and-mortar and online stores alike […]

Using Video and Image UGC to Your Advantage

Your marketing team has created stellar marketing campaigns that have led to thousands of people to flock to your product. However, you have reached a plateau, a creative block, and […]

Turning Your Small Business Into A Big Brand

The transition from a small business that serves customers of a certain niche into a big brand that can draw customers from all walks of life, has the potential to […]

How Social is Social Gaming?

The popularity of social media is growing at a rapid pace, and it has changed the way people interact, share information and get entertainment on the Internet. Many businesses are […]

Work Club uses 3D audio to create unique virtual shower experience

Original Source has launched a new social media campaign that invites the public to vote for the brand’s next limited edition shower gel. Created by Work Club, the month-long campaign […]

Party 2.0

  Party 2.0  is a social project that will provide a space for collaboration between independent party organisers, music artists and venues. CS had a chat with them in lead […]

Ten High-level Social Media Tips for Business Owners

With more than 1 billion active users per month, Facebook is one of the few true titans of the Internet. When one considers that users spend a disproportionate amount of […]

Boon or Bust? Twitter Set to Try out T-Commerce

Shopping and Tweeting may soon become one in the same as Twitter is planning to set up a way to buy goods directly through the Twitter site. The L2 Think […]

#Hashtag: The Progression of Online Communication

So, what, exactly, is a hashtag? Hashtags, as the name suggests, are a way to tag tweets so that readers and followers can find posts that interest them. As if […]