Do believe the hype…

The reviews for the I-phone are out and the consensus is that it matches most of the hype. In fact the biggest gripe is that it is currently only available through AT&T. Summary of the review can be found on Gizmodo who have kindly provided a review matrix. Any of you stateside lot get hold of one, please let us know your thoughts. In the meantime the rest of us will be sitting waiting patiently (and hoping that it will be available on our existing networks).

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  1. Fernanda says:

    OK. I was trying to keep it cool, not make it too much of a big deal… But… I HAVE AN IPHONE!!!! šŸ™‚ Yes. I do. I got mine last Friday, because a friend from the agency went to see the line at the Apple Store on 5th and called to say he didn’t resist, was on line and, hey, “each person can get two, do you want one?” In Brazil I would say: why ask the bear if he wants any honey?
    Anyway, two hours later I met him at 119 in the East Side for a beer and to collect my new toy. Came home and in less than an hour it was activated.
    So far, I am in love with it. I had a Cingular account and just transferred. Yes, I am moving to Spain and this will mean paying for a line I will use once a month just for the sake of using it when I am here, but, well, it is the iPhone.
    I did find two problems already. The first one was on Sunday. Just as with any new gadget, I let it run out of juice before plugging it to charge. What was my surprise when I couldn’t turn it back on? Yes, my fellow socials, d-e-a-d. At least that was what I thought.
    Then I plugged it into my laptop and it recognized it! I called the Apple hotline, in less than five minutes the guy ended up telling me to re-start it (hold the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time) and it came back to life. Beautiful and colorful screen by the way.
    Second downside is typing. I am still struggling with it. Not great, must say this.
    My three favorite things about the iPhone:
    1) watching YouTube videos. If you are on a WiFi network (automatic detection), it is UNBELIEVABLE.
    2) the camera display. It is huge.
    3) the fact that when I send an email from it, it says: Sent from my iPhone… šŸ˜‰