First reviews of Digital Advertising: Past, Present, and Future (#csbook)

Here are the first reviews of Digital Advertising: Past, Present and Future

‘Finally I got the chance to read this sitting in a lonely hotel room. It is an A-list group of authors writing brilliantly and affectionately about the subjects they know best. Thanks to this tremendously enjoyable read, there are no suspicious charges on my bill reading GUEST SERVICES $15.99. It really is a super book.’
Rory Sutherland, President of the IPA and Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK

‘Lock yourself in and tell everyone you are on a client meeting. This is a must-read.’
Mattias Hansson, CEO, Hyperisland

‘The book is a thoughtful, nostalgic, and insightful romp backwards through the technology revolution and forwards to the post-advertising world. It travels from Bernbach to behavioral economics to Brazil with the personal touch of a dinner party chat, doing its best not to feel like broccoli, despite its nutritional value.’
Danielle Sacks, Fast Company

‘Think of this as TED for the communications industries, in a (very nice) book’
Tim O’Kennedy, CEO, D&AD

‘As a collection of thoughts, opinions, reminiscences and predictions, this collection of essays has something of interest to anyone connected to the media industry. From the lone blogger, pouring forth about their favourite topic late to the jaded advertising executive who spends their day bluffing their way through meetings about digital strategy. The online world is still new, still growing and there are no hard and fast rules. In the absence of rules, all you can really use as a guide is good ideas – and there are plenty of those on offer here.’
Mark St. Andrew, Cream Global

‘Creative Social has gathered together some of the brightest minds in advertising to cover the key challenges for today’s marketers. Humorous walks through the industry’s ‘Past’ and ‘Present’ are thoroughly enjoyable, but it is in the ‘Future’ section that the insight dazzles. Here, the case is made for brands acting as benefactors, being generous, and prizing engagement over reach and interest over immediate return as the fastest way to attract fans for life. Contagious approves.’
Emily Hare, Contagious

If you do buy it, would be great if you could post your reviews up on Lulu. Hope you enjoy it – thanks.

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