What I took out of CS Fanboy: Mania of the Geek

Last Wednesday was a big night for Creative Social as it saw the the launch of the CS Fanboy series. The event titled ‘Mania of the Geek’ was a celebration and exploration into the impact that video games have had on our lives. I’ve been a gamer since booting up the tape drive of my Commodore 64 for the first time, so this was an evening I had been looking forward to.

I thought there was no point in giving an in-depth view of the event as there are already a couple of good reviews online including this one from the Young Creative Council.

However here are the seven key things I got out of it:

1. As people have allowed more tech into there lives gaming has naturally become more popular. Now in a world where your mum is playing Farmville, gaming hasn’t become less geeky, instead the world has just become a more geeky place.

2. People dismiss video games as just the latest Call Of Duty title they have seen plastered on billboards without understanding the breadth of variety that exists in games today. Just as Punk rock evolved into hardcore and all its other subcultures, the games industry now offers a hugely diverse spectrum of gaming opportunities.

3. There are five motivations in video games; exploration, achievement, competitiveness, socialising and kill. Technologies come and go but these fundamental building blocks will always be at the heart of great games.

4. Social has vastly extended the reach of games. Up until 2003 Solitaire on the desktop was the most played game of all time, but now with between 60 – 70% of all Facebook users playing games on the platform, the opportunities to reach an extended audience have opened up.

5. Game downloads will inevitably give way to streaming, following in the shared ownership culture of music. Screen sharing will allow people to play the same game across multiple screens in different locations and television will simply become the screen that it bigger than the one you have in your pocket.

6. At their core, video games are purpose built to provide opportunities to overcome challenges, and play can often be used as a way to rehearse the complexity of our lives. The three things that guide a rich gaming experience are meaning, mastery and autonomy.

7. Think more broadly, more eclectically and more humanistically when considering how games could be used to solve the problems of clients who’s audiences are now a generation who have grown up gaming.

Anyway if you enjoyed CS Fanboy, you might be interested to come to our next CS Presents… event in London on 8th November. More details and tickets here.

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